“Julia Vari, shines whether performing jazz, pop or various Latin music styles, all of which she can deftly sing in eight different languages.”


“[Julia Vari] is without a doubt the most important voice of her gender [in Mexico]… you only need to hear the genuine display of her talent alongside Armando Manzanero!… Her talent is one-of-a-kind”

– Mario Moreno Ivanova. Son of “Cantinflas” . 

“[Julia Vari] blew one right out of the park [at Vitello’s Los Angeles]. Her performance was pure perfection. She has the voice of an angel who swings her heart out, and her poise and command of the stage is mesmerizing and captivating. I felt like I was in the presence of mastery.”
– Debra Graff, Sleepless in Studio City, Los Angeles .

“[Julia Vari] has positioned herself as one of the most important Lat American jazz singers of our time.”
– Fabian Vázquez, CIO Noticias TV .

“Julia Vari exudes energy and talent” 
– Instituto Mexicano de Cultura. 

Currently one of the most well-known jazz-world music artists in Latin America, international recording artist Julia Vari has dazzled and charmed audiences with her extraordinary stage presence and outstanding vocal technique at the most important festivals and theaters throughout the world. Vari’s unparalleled vocal charisma is at equally home with jazz, pop, Latin, world rhythms, and classical genres, and her piano stylings have earned her the nickname “the Diana Krall of Mexico.”

This multilingual singer-songwriter and pianist has toured extensively through the U.S., Mexico, Latin America, and Spain behind a pair of chart-topping jazz-world music album releases: Lumea: Songs of the World in Jazz, followed by Adoro (featuring Armando Manzanero). Both albums soared to the top of the jazz-blues charts in Latin America,competing with artists such as Michael Buble and Diana Krall and allowing Vari to share the stage and collaborate with musical icons such as Grammy winner Arturo Sandoval, Armando Manzanero, John Avila (Oingo Boingo), Grammy-winning producer Robert Hadley, Latin Grammy-winning producer Mario Santos, and Latin Grammy-nominated artist Francisco Cespedes.

Based between Los Angeles and Mexico, Vari studied voice and piano at the renowned Eastman School of Music. She is a proud voting member of the Latin Recording Academy (LARAS), a BMI songwriter, and a William Morris Endeavor (WME) Agency VoiceOver artist.

Partial list of cultural forums, festivals and venues that have featured Julia Vari:


- National Auditorium “Lunario”
-Mexico City’s Main Plaza “Zocalo”
-Ángela Peralta Theater
-Julio Castillo Theater
-Guanajuato International Film Festival
-QUIMERA Festival (Metepec)
-Luminaria Festival (Atizapan)
-Pablo Villavicencio Theater (Culiacán)
-Festival de las Almas (Valle de Bravo)
-CEIBA International Festival (Tabasco)
-Felipe Villanueva Theater (Toluca)
-Jose Alfredo Jimenez Festival (Dolores Hidalgo)


-CARIFESTA Festival (Haiti)
- Vitellos E-Spot (Los Angeles)
- Bogui Jazz Club (Madrid)
- Harlem Jazz Club (Barcelona)
- “CLAZZ” International Latin Jazz Festival with Arturo Sandoval
- Mexican Cultural Institute (Washington)
-The Loft (San Diego)
-Le Chat Noir (Miami)
-Fedenador Theater (Ecuador)
-FEPADE Auditorium (El Salvador)
- El Salvador International Jazz Festival
-Dick Smith Theater (Guatemala City)
Positive coverage and glowing critical reviews of Julia Vari have been published or broadcast by the following well-known media outlets in the U.S., Latin America, and Spain:

San Diego Union Tribune (USA) – L.A. Weekly (USA) – The Dante Night Show (USA)
El Pais (Spain) – EFE (Spain) – La Opinion (Spain) – SercanoTV (USA) – Reforma (Mexico) Excelsior (Mexico) – Milenio (Mexico) – La Jornada (Mexico) – El Financiero (Mexico) Susana Adiccion (Mexico) – Alfa 91.3 con Tono Esquinca (Mexico) – Grupo Formula
Maxine Woodside (Mexico) – Televisa Radio (Mexico) – La Prensa Grafica (El Salvador) Prensa Libre (Guatemala) – Esta de Moda (Ecuador)

BYGONE NIGHTS // by Julia Vari & Jen Hajj - ALBUM
  1. BYGONE NIGHTS // by Julia Vari & Jen Hajj - ALBUM
  2. TE VEO // ALBUM
  3. Contigo Aprendí // Julia Vari - ALBUM
  4. Adoro // Julia Vari - ALBUM
  5. Milord // Julia Vari - ALBUM
  6. Por Debajo // Julia Vari - ALBUM