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10 February 2018

Julia’s new single, “BYGONE NIGHTS,” will be digitally released on FEBRUARY 14th!

“Bygone Nights” is an exciting yet poignant song about change, nostalgia, and acceptance, a candid and soulful reflection some of the personal and professional choices Julia has made over the course of her career. This is the first single of Julia’s new album, “Borderless,” which will be released worldwide in April 2018 by Alternativa Records in Mexico. “Bygone Nights” was written by Julia Vari and Jen Hajj, and arranged and produced by Mario Santos.

BYGONE NIGHTS // by Julia Vari & Jen Hajj - ALBUM
  1. BYGONE NIGHTS // by Julia Vari & Jen Hajj - ALBUM
  2. TE VEO // ALBUM
  3. Contigo Aprendí // Julia Vari - ALBUM
  4. Adoro // Julia Vari - ALBUM
  5. Milord // Julia Vari - ALBUM
  6. Por Debajo // Julia Vari - ALBUM