04 December 2014

Julia Vari: Citizen of the world

World songs included in the album Lumea, singer and pianist Julia Vari will present at the Zocalo in the Cultures and Friendship Festival 2014.

“I consider myself a citizen of the world. My idea of Lumea was a tribute to the people I have met in several countries. Is a variety of jazz-bossa nova, “says Vari, who grew up between New York and Guadalajara, and speaks seven languages.

In Lumea (Prodisc) it is ranging from singing parts as Milord Edith Piaf and La Vie en Rose to selections from operas like Nabucco by Verdi and Bizet’s Carmen.Read More



BYGONE NIGHTS // by Julia Vari & Jen Hajj - ALBUM
  1. BYGONE NIGHTS // by Julia Vari & Jen Hajj - ALBUM
  2. TE VEO // ALBUM
  3. Contigo Aprendí // Julia Vari - ALBUM
  4. Adoro // Julia Vari - ALBUM
  5. Milord // Julia Vari - ALBUM
  6. Por Debajo // Julia Vari - ALBUM