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09 November 2016

New Album produced by Mario Santos

CONFIRMED! Julia has signed with the renowned Mexican producer and arranger MARIO SANTOS to produce her next album, which will be recorded in Los Angeles and in Mexico. Get ready for a BRAND-NEW Julia Vari and a fresh, original fusion of genres and sounds, as well as several SURPRISE GUEST ARTISTS that will knock your socks off!
30 October 2016

Concerts in Tijuana

Julia is BACK after a few-month sabbatical, and is super excited about her upcoming performance at the beautiful CECUT Theater in Tijuana, as well as concerts in San Diego and Idyllwild California. All concerts will be posted in the “Events/Concerts” section of this website.
05 May 2016

Release of New Single!

Julia and her team are currently preparing the release of her new single, which is scheduled to come on the market at the end of May 2016.  WAIT FOR IT!
28 April 2016


Julia is thrilled to return to the theater after a long hiatus, with a leading role in Macha Theater’s critically-acclaimed play “Skin of Honey.”  The performance will be part of the reknowned Hollywood Fringe Festival.  Opening night and Red Carpet is Saturday June 18th and tickets are now available online:

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  1. 1. Habanera
  2. 2. Por Debajo
  3. 3. Adoro
  4. 4. La Vie En Rose
  5. 5. Milord
  6. 6. Contigo Aprendí

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Contigo Aprendí // Julia Vari - ALBUM
  1. Contigo Aprendí // Julia Vari - ALBUM
  2. Adoro // Julia Vari - ALBUM
  3. Milord // Julia Vari - ALBUM
  4. Por Debajo // Julia Vari - ALBUM
  5. Habanera // Julia Vari - ALBUM
  6. La Vie En Rose // Julia Vari - ALBUM